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Hi there. I fetched my eight week old Berner Sennen x Appenzeller x Golden Retriever pup a few days ago. According to her weight class she should be eating about 80g three times a day, which is what I usually did with my Rottweiler puppies. I'm currently feeding her Orijen Junior food, which is biological food that consists of 80% meat and 20% vegetable roughage. Where she was before, her and her litter mates would get a huge bowl of food (hard pellets, same size) and they could eat from it all day without any structure. I have never raised puppies in that way, and I prefer to feed every day at regular times.

She is not eating as well as she should, though. My Rottweiler (who lives with my parents in South Africa) had minor trouble at some point (not when we first brought him home, I'd frequently have to hold him back from his food to stop him from bulldozing the whole bowl), but would eat the moment you would spread the pellets on the floor and roll them so he could chase them. I've tried the same with her, but she tends to take a pellet in her mouth, and either drop it or bring it to her basket and stare at it. She eats once in a while, but with more than one third of the bowl left every time it is difficult to feed her regularly at the right amounts. I've filled her puppy kong with pellets and played with it, which she seems to enjoy the most. I pretend to be a littermate scrambling for the food (with my hands) and she will suddenly start eating. I know this is a part-time solution, but will this pass? It sounds strange, but I am not used to any other dog than the Rottweiler so I am not sure if it is also part of her breed's behavior to be more fussy about food.

The breeder's food was different from mine so I mix some of it in, but the pellets are of the same size and since this food is purely biological I cannot imagine it to be a huge adjustment?

I realize it could be due to her leaving her litter for the first time, I am just a little bit uncertain if it is healthy. According to the vet she is a healthy pup.

any tips, or words of wisdom here?

- Amanda
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