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'Why does my dog sleep so much?' is one of the questions most often asked by those who own a dog for the first time in their lives.

And in general, we know that dogs sleep more than humans, but when we start to live with a dog we suddenly seem to have the ability to sleep practically all day.

So for you to have no more questions, we tell you a little more about what is normal about your dog's dream.

Long live the rest!

Domestic dogs spend a lot of time sleeping, approximately 50 percent of the day. Another 30 percent will spend it lying down or resting (although they will not be asleep) and only 20 percent of the day will be really active. Many dogs also sleep because of boredom, so if you notice that your dog is more bored than an oyster, do not be bad and take it out for a little while.

It all depends on the age

Something you should know is that during the different stages of a dog's life their sleep patterns change. When dogs are adults they spend between 12 and 14 hours asleep, but when they are puppies they can sleep up to 18 hours a day. As our dogs get older, they also tend to rest and sleep more ( hence it is very important that they have a good bed during their old age ). Of course, the dogs' sleep is usually much lighter than that of humans, except at certain times of the day when they sleep very deeply.

A house dog is not the same as a wild dog

We also know that domestic dogs spend much more time asleep than wild dogs or even "working" dogs (such as dogs that are grazing on a farm or those that are used in search and rescue missions, for example) , because they do not have as much free time to throw laziness.

The size also counts

Another curious fact is that large dogs tend to sleep more than small dogs. There are also certain races that are more likely to be much lazier than others.

They also dream

Thanks to the latest research, it has been determined that the sleep patterns of dogs closely resemble those of humans. This is the reason why dogs also dream and may even have nightmares.

When is it too sleepy?

If your dog sleeps between 12 and 14 hours a day or even a little longer, do not worry, this is quite normal. When you have to worry is when you notice it lethargic, sleepy all day, or if you notice that you sleep many more hours than this. If you notice these symptoms, it is better that you take them to the veterinarian, because it could be some disease or even depression, which is a condition that dogs can also suffer.

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