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Why can't my dog guess which hand the treat is in?

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I think she has a good sense of smell. Better than mine. She can find treats when I hide them in the house. But at least half the time she picks the wrong hand when I put the treat in one of the hands and then get her to pick. She'll usually go over and start sniffing and licking the wrong hand! It's weird! Is her sense of smell really inferior to most dogs'?
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LOL, maybe she thinks that game is really silly or hates being challeneged etc etc...Who knows why dogs do what they do, we love them and accept for who/what they are.
Fair enough! I've just always been curious about it!
If you are handling the morsels with both hands that may present enough scent in the off hand to confuse her. That wouldn't present any difficulty for my dog, though.
That's an interesting idea. I'll see what happens if I don't let the treat touch the other hand. It might just be that she doesn't like the game though.
Does she always end up with a treat no matter which hand she picks?
Edit: I misread the question the first time. Yes, I do always give her the treat. Maybe she's learning that it doesn't really matter which hand she picks.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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