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Why are there always labs in shelters?

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Last weekend my husband and i donated a bag of dog food to the shelter and we looked at all the animals of course, lol. There were several black labs and lab mix's. Last year when we were looking for a kitty we looked at the dogs and there were a ton of black labs. Why do so many black labs end up in shelters? I know there are tons of other dogs that are in the shelters but i couldnt belive that there were so many labs.
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Because there are a LOT of labs in the general dog population.
and I think when they get them they realize after what high energy they have they don't want them anymore which is sad. My dog is not a Lab but she is high energy but giving her up just isn't an option
Many are poorly bred, many think that they are the perfect breed and forget to do the right things and the dog becomes possessive/aggressive and I know that they are quite popular in rural areas where sometimes bitches have the litter god knows where.

Finally Black dogs don't get adopted as much as other dogs, they kind of scare people. Some shelters in the States euthanise them right away.
Because Retrievers have lots of energy and need a familiy that is willing to give them the time and lots of people don't.
Labs are a popular breed. They are also commonly seen as the perfect family pet. People get them, then realize they are dogs. They need exercise. They pee and poop. They shed. Many people are not prepared to have a dog.

Also, big black dogs are statistically harder to adopt out. There are many theories as to why this occurs. So, these dogs come in and do not get adopted out.

Also, I think when shelters get in a medium to large black dog and they have no idea what it is, they call it a lab mix. Not all of them are necessarily labs.

Good for you donating to the shelter!
I guess it makes sense now. I didnt know that people are more afraid and less likely to adopt black dogs.
Also, big black dogs are statistically harder to adopt out. There are many theories as to why this occurs. So, these dogs come in and do not get adopted out.
More on this phenomenon: http://www.blackpearldogs.com/

Very sad :(
didnt know there was dog racism. Poor doggys.
and I think when they get them they realize after what high energy they have they don't want them anymore which is sad. My dog is not a Lab but she is high energy but giving her up just isn't an option
Yes that's true! It is partly because when they get them as puppies they tend to forget they're small and will get bigger not only that they are highly active and are puppies forever until they're 5 years old. They need to be trained daily & need to be exercised

I've a lab/beagle mix and I know the feeling for both sides but I notice the difference when her energy runs out she totally l laid back and you'd never know she was constant in your face want to play
never knew that about black dogs either.

There's quite a few around here - and Wally can't stand 90% of them...

I guess black dogs are scarier to him as well.
Because Labs are big, hairy, shed like maniacs, and are very high-energy. Check out the local shelters here.......about 3/4 of the dogs are dark Labs/Lab mixes. The Humane Society used to euthanize them automatically, but recently changed their policy:
On average at least 40% of the dogs in our shelter are high-energy dogs, especially labs/labmix. Its sad...
Labs, especially as puppies, are just SO energetic. And they shed a lot more than people expect them to. Many dog owners, mostly first time dog owners, expect to be able to purchase a dog, leave it in a corner or in the backyard, and expect the dog/puppy to stay put, stay quiet, and train itself, not needing exercise or attention.

A lot of people see a lab walking or hiking with their owner and decide they like labs based on the way they look, the whole "curb appeal" kind of thing. They hear that labs are good with kids and friendly - the perfect family pet. So they go to the newspaper (very convenient) or to their neighbor who just had a new litter and take home a poorly bred puppy, not knowing what to expect. And then they are hit with the "hard, unexpected truth" that dogs actually NEED ATTENTION, LOVE, and CARE :)eek: big surprise!). So off to the shelter with the dog.

Of course, because labs are so popular, backyard breeders decide it would be a great idea to produce more and more... after all, more dogs mean more money, who cares about quality and health! In a litter of 5-15 puppies, not all of the puppies are going to go home. So several of the pups go to homes, and the other 6 or so go to the shelter, too. But at least the byb made money, so that means they should go and produce another litter, huh? And the whole thing starts over again.

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In case anyone needs any more evidence that Big Black Dog (BBD) syndrome exists... my dog was one of 6 puppies left at 10 days old outside a shelter. There were 3 that are black and tan and 3 who are solid black. The 3 that had tan in their coats were adopted as puppies. The 3 who are solid black are STILL in the shelter 4 years later. I would take them all if I could, I kinda wish I would have taken a black puppy, not because I do not adore my baby, but because I am sure someone else would have taken him.
I agree, labs are popular so they are overbred, many by people wanting to make a buck. Also, people have this idea that labs come trained. They don't realize that it's still a dog that needs training and has lots of energy. They are great dogs if well-bred but they don't automatically bring you a roll of toilet paper. (I'm alluding to all those toilet paper commercials with labs)

I don't get the black dog prejudice but I know it's prevalent. I wanted a black dog but got awhite dog which I didn't want (in terms of colour).
Here it's not labs, it's pit bulls. Labs are a close second. In general the more popular a breed, the more they show up in shelters. Pits and labs are very very overbred here and a dime a dozen. Both breeds can also be very energetic and not 'easy' dogs. I see them dumped a lot. Neither are easy to adopt out.
Round here it's Pitbulls, Chihuahuas and Labs and of course mixes of them.

I was just at my local animal shelter and if I really wanted a Chihuahua, I could have walked out with an armload! I really don't want one, though. Not that I don't like them, I just like them better when they belong to other people. :)
Our shelter is 90+% pit bulls and crosses. The animal control office on the other side gets tons of chi's. Both are poorly bred and a dime a dozen around here. The chi's tend to get adopted by unsuspecting people wanting a small dog for their kids. Then the dog bites someone or gets aggressive and back out on the street they go. There is one chi in town (m'chipped no less) that has been adopted out to 4 different homes by animal control. Just keeps popping back up... The pits don't really have a chance and there are a few that have been at the shelter for 3-4 years. It's a no-kill shelter but I don't see the humanity of locking a dog in a cement box for the rest of its life just to avoid euthanizing it.
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