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Why are Bully Sticks good for dogs, but rawhide isn't?

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I know rawhide has some chemicals, but I thought the main thing that's bad about rawhide is how it can get jammed in a dog's intestines. Someone said it can do this because it gets so wet and gummy after it's been chewed.

So...bully sticks *also* get wet and gummy when they get chewed. Why are they still considered healthy and safe, but rawhide isn't when it seems to have the same physical characteristics?
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bully sticks are....um...meat? Muscle? Tendon? (a bull's boy part ;) )
The techincal term is "pizzle", but I always say penis because I so rarely get to say penis in polite company. Penis.

You're right about them being digestible, but they are still a choking hazard; I take them away from my dog just as they approach a size they can be swallowed.

Moderators, please don't ban me. And penis.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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