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Why are Bully Sticks good for dogs, but rawhide isn't?

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I know rawhide has some chemicals, but I thought the main thing that's bad about rawhide is how it can get jammed in a dog's intestines. Someone said it can do this because it gets so wet and gummy after it's been chewed.

So...bully sticks *also* get wet and gummy when they get chewed. Why are they still considered healthy and safe, but rawhide isn't when it seems to have the same physical characteristics?
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Raw hide is not digestible period. If a piece of raw hide, and a piece of bull penis got lodged in the dog's abdomen, the digestive juices will break down and dissolve the bully part but not the raw hide. Taking away the bully stick is a good idea when your dog can mouth the whole piece. As far as chemicals go I would bet the farm there are chemicals in both products, and in almost every thing we humans eat:p including water!! Once you get to heaven you will not have to worry about chemicals!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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