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Why American bully breeders be not upfront on $$$ puppy pricing?

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Why don’t American bully breeders be upfront on pup pricing? Right now a pocket to micro bully pup is starting from 5K to 25k (ridiculous). These “bully” breeders want to make top dollar off this newish breed off dog and make it a luxury dog like the frenchies however every time I inquire or think of asking for the price, it blows my mind that they seller/breeders vet your profile and then tell you not waist there time bc you’re not paying 10-30k for this “high quality dog”. Jeezus it’s a dog! If you don’t want people to waist your time, instead of asking buyers to dm for price just post the price!! Why is such a secret of how much their bullies cost? Who are you hiding the price from? Who is buying XX,XXX dogs regularly? In my opinion, due to the way the us economy is going, they might run out American clientele with these “bullies”. Honestly, more than half of American bullies on Instagram (bc they never have a website or local kennel) look deformed, it’s very hard finding a correct structure breed for a correct price under 5-7k. But anyways my questions regards why American Bully breeders pricing such a secret ? Love the breed, but hate the cockiness of the breeders.
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Mostly the "pocket" and "micro" bullies are poorly bred dogs, anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about it, but the reason they can charge so much is because they're marketed as a cute "designer dog" and because people will pay for cute designer dogs. It's a scam, really, and likely a puppy mill. They likely keep the price a secret because they want people to continue perusing their photos and fall in love so they'll be more likely to pay those outrageous prices.

Actual reputable breeders are not always upfront with their prices, either, because it depends on many things from if the bitch needed special vet care or if she was artificially inseminated, etc. Some might not tell you until you've filled out an application, and others have it posted on their websites, so it depends. I would expect a reputable breeder who health tests and titles their breeding stock to cost around $1,500 to $3,000 for a pet. You're paying for the time the breeder has spent meticulously researching each parents' pedigree, genetic and OFA health testing, and the time she's spent proving her breeding stock, but you're getting a very well bred dog.

It looks like the American Bulldog Association is the main "club" for the breed, but they don't support the AKC recognizing the breed? Maybe someone more familiar with this can chime in and explain, but this is probably a good place to start looking: American Bulldog Association

This website will show you what health tests reputable breeders should be doing, and perhaps if you send them a message they would provide a list of reputable breeders. Some other clubs have them on their website, but this one doesn't appear to. Again, I'm not super familiar with the breed!
I will definitely look into the American Bulldog Association for guidance. Really at this point I actually may settle for a bulldog instead — it seems like their isn’t enough information on the American bully breed and their life expectancy. Bully breeders are just teaming with other breeders to combine “famous” bloodlines or breed for the aesthetics of their best looking dog. Definitely avoiding the money pit breed for the long run.
To some people the term 'designer dog' and outrageous prices are incentives to get them. I personally don't understand treating a dog like the newest phone or sports car, but there's always some.
Agreed, me either — it’s a little weird to make bullies a hot commodity.
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A well bred American Bully will not be "micro", "pocket", "extreme" or "exotic", and anyone breeding dogs labeled as such should be avoided. As far as pricing goes, they do it because they can. They do it because people think that the amount paid for something is directly tied to its worth. They do it for any number of reasons, but mainly because people will pay.

AmBullies are recognized by the United Kennel Club (although a lot of them still have APBT papers). The American Bulldog Association linked above is for the American Bulldog (also UKC recognized), not the American Bully. They are completely different breeds.
It’s ridiculous how they can just price a pet but some if not Most don’t look healthy in my opinion — yeah I don’t think it’s worth the buy in, the cross and inbreeding is too inconsistent to guarantee health of the dog
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