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Who can recognise these 2 breeds ..or are they coyotes.

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Who can recognise these 2 breeds ..or are they coyotes? Massachusetts
See vid. Thanks
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I just joined here today, but that is kinda funny. I have a real interest in the Song Dog. I am in California and live in a rural foothill and large valley setting, many, many coyotes run through my orchards. Even the Coys that eat chickens and rabbits are never that full in the flanks. Those are domestics IMO. Not to mention, their coats are varied too much.

My coys are always pretty much in looks the same, not much of a variance.They are of the wolf family.I have studied their behavior for almost fifty years as a farmer and we have integrated our on goings with theirs. In the daylight while scavenging, they are constantly on the move and never stop, this is one reason they are always thin. At night and where safe, is the only time when they hunker down other than those who are out of harms way in a den. We see them on any given day at any given time. My orchard floors show where on any given night they have burrowed out a small area, always in open dirt. What they are doing is waiting out an opportunity for some game to come by and also to pick up on some rest as man is not out usually at these hours. The coyote is a not a nocturnal creature, he is 24/7. This animal is very aware of its environment and at any moments notice ready to move on.The only enemy to my coyotes is the mountain lion, their natural diseases, the automobile or the rifle. Years ago I saw one of my mixed shepherds came nose to nose with a lone coyote pup, that slowdown for that pup was out of fear. It did not last long and was back on the move in seconds. That is why they are called coyotes. They are coy. [quiet, bashful, shy].

Interesting note: Just like on the cartoon, he never does get the Roadrunner. Chickens, chuckers, kilders, rabbits and pheasants are easy pickens. Probably why the cartoon was made in that reflection, he just cant get to that Roadrunner. Funny it is.
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