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first time puppy parent here. Mommy of a 10 week old Corgi Mix male. So, I seem to have gotten potty training down. However, I seem to be having trouble crate training, and am still dealing with whining in the crate.

We have had Bailey for 3 weeks now, and we have a variation when dealing with putting him in the crate. Sometimes, he cries for 2 minutes, and other times it can be howling/whining for 10+ minutes.

So far I have tried:

• Putting soft bedding into crate
• Putting chew toys in crate
• Having "crate only" kong with treats in the crate
• Started this week with feedings in the crate

I'm worried maybe I crate trained too fast, and I've started again with leaving him in there for short periods of time, and letting him out. Or, am I expecting this too quickly, and he is still getting acclimated to his new home? I'm not sure. Any suggestions would help thank you!
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