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When I first got sprocket at 10weeks he cried horribly sounded so sad the first night I knew he missed his sisters
I ended up having him sleep on my stomach all nights afraid to move to wake him lol
The next night he cried but not as loudly I slept on the couch with him again all day I'd constantly be working on getting him comfy in his play pen
But the third night my back was sore and I was getting cranky from sleeping on the couch in an awkward position all night so I left him in his play pen I still slept on the couch but was able to get more comfy he didn't cry at all after a week I tried to sleep in my bed while he was in the living room play pen he cried louder than he ever had
I bought a crate the next day set it next to my bed gave him a kong and closed the crate he whined I ignored and he fell asleep
I wish I did that on day one lol
I would ignore unless u think he has to potty take him out then goes straight back in no talking or anything
Next puppy I get will go into crate day one lol

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