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Boy I didn't know how to title this. So we have a rescue Aussie 2.5 y/o for 7 weeks now. She is coming back to life after a bout of near death liver failure. I've been the primary caregiver, and have been trying to train her off barking and other slightly annoying behaviors (jumping on doors/garbage surfing/toilet drinking :). And I'm always using a lot of praise, and when I leave I tell her "you be a good girl" etc., etc. My husband was a bit resistant to dog #2 but is on board, but is dismayed at the behavioral probs, and that she is not as perfect as Aussie #1. Ugh, true "parental favoritism" IMHO.

Anyhoo, when my *husband* leaves the house, however, even though I am home, she whines, scrambles around the house looking for him, seemingly anxious about where he is/went. When he is home she is glued to him, loves being with him etc. He does show her affection and takes her out on the nighttime walk around followed by a little nighttime snack so he is trying.

So when I leave, my husband is often asleep so we were never sure if she did this when I left, but today he tells me, "nope, nada, she didn't even peep after you left, sorry she likes me better, LOL"

Well, my outhouse opinion is she has bonded more to me and knows I'm coming back.
Am I out in left field? I'm trying to figure out why when he leaves the house she does this but not me? She also barks when he comes home to the door but does NOT bark (anymore) when I come home.

Just trying to figure out how to calm her when he leaves the house.
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