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Hey all! I have a question for you.

I have two greyhounds, they're my second pair of this breed, I've had them for around 4 months now. If you knew me at all, you'd know I don't take nonsense from dogs. XD But this anxiety thing has got me stumped. These two dogs are ex-racing greys, they've obviously had some trauma in their lives, they're afraid of some men, sticks, loud noises but they've rehabilitated WONDERFULLY for the most part, I don't do the pity thing or award fearful behavior, because I know it only reinforces it. So that was my premise, here's the problem. XD

They've developed some gnarly separation issues with myself and one other person. If she or myself are not within view, they become very anxious, pace, and whimper like they've been beaten. I let these dogs out into the back yard to play and get some sun (they are indoor dogs) and that is when it's at it's worst. After they've done their business, they stand by the door and WHIMPER until they're let in. I'm really worried that the neighbors are going to start complaining about this, but I feel like not letting my dogs outside is ridiculous. They should be fine! It's not too hot or too cold, or any other physical issue, not to mention that's not the only they do it. The problem for me is that they do this behavior when I'm not in the room, and stop immediately when I come in, so it's pretty much impossible for me to address. How to I get these boys to stop whimpering and pacing burned circles into the carpet when I'm not there?

(P.S. I have talked to the vet, the whimpering is not a medical issue. And they are exercised daily, they don't generally have a lot of excess energy.)

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