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Which Pet Containment System?

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We recently adopted a 6 month old German Shepherd mix from a local animal shelter. We decided on a pup, as we have a small Chihuahua that lives indoors, and we were worried that an adult dog might not accept our Chihuahua and vice versa.

On the good side, the pup (Blake) is a very sweet dog. On the down side, he is a chewer. He has a 1/3 acre of grass to play in, but he instead likes to hang out under our motorhome that I park on the side of our house. Despite the amount of chew toys and other products that I have bought, I just discovered today that he chewed up some wiring under the coach and it will cost me an extensive amount to repair.

I would like to install some sort of pet containment system to prevent him from entering the RV pad area. Problem is, there seems to be tons of different systems on the market.

Which system works well and can be installed by the homeowner?

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A simple fence is the best thing. Labor intensive to install, but not too terribly expensive.
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