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Which is more dog friendly, Brooklyn NY or Amherst MA?

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So, my goal has been to live in the US (I'm from Australia) and I think I've finally found a way to go about it, baby steps, but it's a start.

I plan on doing a University exchange to either a college in Amherst, Massachusetts, or in Brooklyn, New York. After the 1 year exchange, I'll go on to a 1 year student work visa, and after that hope I can figure something else out for staying in the US (possibly an E-3 visa option, other wise I'll move back to Vancouver/Canada)

Obviously, I'm bringing my dog.. Yes, I've looked into the shipping and stuff, and I've gotten a quote price on that. Just less than $2500 will get him to LAX from here with a shipping company. I'm fairly sure I can figure out the rest of the trip fairly easy with the airlines there, it's getting him in to the country and on the long leg of the trip that was the biggest reason for the pet shipping company's help.

Anyway, most people I spoke to would have suggested Amherst as being more pet friendly cause it's not the city like Brooklyn. However I haven't been able to find really any dog parks or anything in Amherst. We're at the dog park every day, sometimes twice a day, so no dog park would drive him (and me!) nuts!

... Also, I know I've seen a lot of things on the net about dogs & college not mixing, as dorms don't accept pets and everyone is always partying etc. But I don't want to live in a dorm, and I don't party.. I'm already a student, and my study load really isn't that excessive, we manage just fine, we also live in a very tiny studio room with no yard/fence, there's enough grass to take him out to go to the bathroom as needed but no where to play at my house. Which is why I take him everywhere with me, to friends places, to the dog park once or twice a day, to the beach or lake so he can swim etc. When I go to the shops or movies or anywhere he can't go he's home, but never there alone for longer than 2-3 hours most times. Occasionally I'll have a big day, like 6 hours. But that's very very rare.

So, yeah. Does anyone know much about living with a dog in either of these places?

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