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I had to do a quick internet search on Gulltair, as it's a breed I'm not familiar with. Turns out it's very similar to the old-style, late 1800's/early 1900's Bull Terrier.

Your puppy is cute. As far as what he will look like when he's grown, it's hard to say with mixed reed, but I would expect him to look rather like a Lab, since so many Lab crosses look very Lab-like.

As far as health, without seeing him in person and having my hands on him, I can't say. If he's in good weight, with a clean shiny coat, clear eyes and nose, and has a good appetite, then his immediate health is probably good. If he hasn't been dewormed, it would be a good idea to have that done, because intestinal parasites affect overall health, as well as start his vaccinations. As far as genetic health, without knowing his parent's, grandparent's, and other relative's health, it's harder to say.
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