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Which are the Best Shock Collar Brand for Husky?

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I am looking on internet for the suitable collar brand for Husky. And I list some below. Does everyone have any ideas? Can I apply large dog's shock collar for him?
  1. FunniPets Dog Training Collar with Remote.
  2. Petrainer Dog Training Collar with Remote.
  3. PetTech Dog Training Shock Collar.
  4. PetSpy Dog Training Shock Collar.
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Any of these should be fine. But you should put it on your own neck, and whenever you get the urge to zap your dog, zap yourself. You'll be amazed how quickly this breaks your bad habit!
hear hear!

Seriously - why don't you elaborate on WHY you are considering such a contraption and maybe some community members will have some suggestions that might actually work.

In terms of trauma (I mean 'shock') collars, it's easy to find good resources to educate yourself. You can start here:


Or maybe you are just a troll... sigh.

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best collar for husky are gps tracking collars :)
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