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Which air purifiers are good for removing dog hair?

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This is kind of a general question. Our 8 month old puppy has started shedding a lot of hair (she has medium length coat). we brush her everyday and keep her clean. But the house is filled with dog hair just about everywhere..despite daily cleaning..which reveals a ton of doggie hair.

I researched on the net and found that some air purifiers with hepa..are supposed to be good for catching dog hair and improving air quality. However there seem to be a ton of them in the market and since they are on the expensive side, i would like to get some informed opinion before buying (so we dont get a lemon). so anybody has any experience on which are the good/effective brands of air purifiers?

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Air purifiers will only remove the airborne particulates. That pretty much means dust. Dog hair settled pretty quickly so an air purifier won't have much of an effect on it.
thanks marsh muppet, i didnt know that.

so its pretty much mopping and vacuuming the wood floors constantly? :)
you could always get a roomba
so its pretty much mopping and vacuuming the wood floors constantly? :)
Yep, the roomba is good if your dog(s) dont have a large "pray" drive. :)
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