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Where to buy a puppy properly?

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I've heard of some websites that sell puppies in incredibly bad condition, and that these websites actually treat the puppies they're selling with cruelty rather than compassion. I was wondering from what honest website could I adopt a puppy from?
I also have one other question. Does anyone have a website that routerlogin lists breeds of dogs with their personalities or traits? I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and am looking for a loyal dog to rely on for sort of a friendly bond, as I travel a lot for school, and can't really keep all the friends I have. A dog that I can exercise with and play around with.
I was thinking of getting a Tamaskan or Doberman, but I don't know if they can handle warmer climates.
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If you are looking for a puppy you should start with the breed parent club of your country. They will likely have a list of breeders on their website or a referral service and hopefully have a code of ethics that they adhere to. That would be your first step.
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