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Where does this tendency come from?

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Ever since we've had our boxer/malamute puppy, we've noticed the cutest behavior that she does quite often. When she's trying to get at something (i.e. the treats in her kong, something she can't pick up with her mouth, something under a rug or blanket, etc), she does this thing where she puts both front paws together and thrusts the weight of her upper body on the ground (or the object). It's very hard to explain... it's like when you see nature shows where arctic wolves are trying to break ice to get to something. Her legs are perfectly straight and perfectly together and she thrusts them into the ground very quickly and with a lot of force.

Does this tendency come from boxers or malamutes? I've tried finding something about it before posting, but I'm turning up nothing. I've just never seen a dog do this and I'm curious about it.
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My rat terrier does that all the time - outside. She leaps/lunges on hidden prey (vole under fallen tall grass, mice under the snow, etc).

The only time she did it indoors was at a friends apartment. Lunging into the baseboard of the wall. I'm sure she sensed a mouse behind the wall. She'd have torn through the drywall if I hadn't leashed her and kept her near us.
Awh, the "jack hammer". ;) My two boxers do this...in fact every boxer I have ever met does this. It's pretty funny to watch.
Yes- that's it! The other day, I gave her a piece of ice to play with... she was doing that with the ice. SO cute!:p
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