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Where do I ask for help getting a service dog?

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Where do I post for help in asking in aid getting a service dog?
My current dog has been coming off like shes a TWO(Total Wash Out), as shes not been able to pick up on alerting to my anxiety symptoms or start of my attacks at all... which makes her more of just one more thing I have to worry about when it happens, rather than an aid for me to help lessen the blow.

But I wanna get a pup from a breeder so they can be fully tested to be sure they are going to be suitable for what I need.
Please tell me which forum I should post a link in for it?
I made a PayPal Pool for it... I just don't wanna post in the wrong zone...
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Thank you for checking first, and I wish you lots of luck! Unfortunately, this forum doesn't allow any kind of fundraising/crowdfunding posts, since we can't possibly screen and confirm every one to make sure it isn't a scam. Our members can absolutely offer advice about how to select and train a service dog, however, or offer advice if they know any charities or tips for raising the money you need!
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