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Where do I ask for help getting a service dog?

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Where do I post for help in asking in aid getting a service dog?
My current dog has been coming off like shes a TWO(Total Wash Out), as shes not been able to pick up on alerting to my anxiety symptoms or start of my attacks at all... which makes her more of just one more thing I have to worry about when it happens, rather than an aid for me to help lessen the blow.

But I wanna get a pup from a breeder so they can be fully tested to be sure they are going to be suitable for what I need.
Please tell me which forum I should post a link in for it?
I made a PayPal Pool for it... I just don't wanna post in the wrong zone...
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May I also ask, were you doing owner-driven training, or were you working with a trainer who specializes in P-SD?
I already have a breeder I have picked. I just need the help with getting up the money to get the dog.

I taught my current girl personally and still feel she would make someone a wonderful service dog... just... not for what I need her for...

She only washes out because she can't pick up on the subtle cues for being a psychiatric service dog. But she tasks very well in other areas and even has done good with commands I only told her on the fly.

By this I mean... I was struggling to get up and said, 'brace'. Mind you, I never taught her this command or even mentioned that word before then.

She braced beautifully and did not move till I was stable.

If she could sense what I need her to she'd be great but she can't pick up on it at all.

Some dogs aren't meant to work that field.

This breeder doesn't breed specific for service dogs but has had some people buy some from her and had an evaluator come and pick for her client.

If I can get up the money for the dog fast enough I plan to see about getting someone to do that for me too. But right now I can't even afford the dog and only have till around October.
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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