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This is kind of a bittersweet thing for me.

Ever seen a dog and just know it was meant to be yours? I have been trying to find homes for Punkin and Maizey since the day they were born their mom was taken fast since she was adorable but no one seemed to want dogs that looked like tiny little hounds. Over Valentine's Day weekend I had a cousin come to stay with me since her sister was expecting a baby any day. She had been looking for a dog or dogs for over 2 years but non really clicked with her. These two followed her everywhere while she was here and would sit and whine at the door when she would leave to go anywhere.

She went home and they wouldn't eat and just sat at the door. When someone came in they would be all tails until they realized it wasn't her and just lay back down. So she came back down Tuesday when her sister finally went in labor and was staying here again. Suddenly they wanted to eat play sleep and were happy little dogs again. So she took them home I bawled like a baby but knew they would be happy there. And if anything happens and she doesn't want them or can't care for them they are coming back here.

Margarine has been planned for awhile. My sister got rid of her husband and now has an new man who is a animal freak so I let them have her back on a trial to see if they actually care for her like they are supposed to. So far so good.

The two that were huge surprises were Bear and Buddy. I have been taking Lucky my oldest dog to a farm since he was a 'teenager' to work off some of his energy herding goats, sheep, and llamas. So 2 weeks ago I started taking Bear and anywhere Bear goes Buddy has to go they are joined at the hip.

It was like they were meant to herd even Buddy a possible purebred shiba inu lol. They loved it. After they got them all herded they would lay by the goat pen and just stare at them. So I have been taking them back for a few months. Since Lucky is getting older he can't really herd them all anymore he dogs mostly the sheep.

A week ago I let the dogs out and came in to fill up their water bowls because it was a little warm. When I went back out I noticed Buddy and Bear were nowhere to be found. I don't have a clue how they got out the gate was closed unless they jumped the fence. I started my search and looked for 6 hours when I got a call from the farmer that I take them too telling me he found them beside the goat pen asleep. He took them inside and gave them some water and a chicken leg. I went and picked them up. It happened 5 times the next day even when I was standing right beside them and I would follow them all the way back to the farm. It got so bad that I had to tether them to me even in the fenced in yard.

So I stopped taking them. It was 4 days of lethargy no food no water no sleeping just whining non stop. When I would open the door they would just go to the fence and stand there since I made it taller. I took Bear on a trial adoption and buddy wouldn't move from the side of the car I had to pick him up and put him in the car to bring him home. Same thing as before no food no water nothing. When he would go out he went straight to where bear laid and wouldn't move.

I was afraid to let him stay with the farmer since he used to be feral. But he is there now too. And if he cannot care for them they are to be returned to me immediately.

I still see them everyday since I take Lucky and now Gizmo to herd the livestock. They seem happier than when they were here they have 4 acres of land and their own bedroom in the house with a queen sized bed.

But it is still hard not to get up and take all 12 of my pups outside to play. I have never done something so hard in my life then in 1 week go from 12 dogs to 7 and not come home with my 2 biggest babies.:( But I would rather see them happy then to see the miserable

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Sometimes it is best for the dogs to be somewhere else. If they're happier it is better for them. The previous owner who I adopted Lola from has seen her a few times. We made a 60 mile one way trip those times and the last time we were there she had told me that Lola seemed to be happier with me then when she was living with her.

I knew Lola was meant to be with me. When she was brought over by her previous owner I held her in my arms and she was so relaxed not one muscle was tense on her.
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