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When your dog was a pup

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Just wanted to see how many of you chose to change from the puppy food supplied by the breeder to one of your choice or did you stick with it as the pup was already settled?
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I switched. My breeder fed 4Health and I am not a huge fan of any food manufactured by Diamond.
Our puppy's foster was using some Walmart offbrand food... you bet I switched, lol. My older dog was on Iam's. Didn't last long either. He was a rescue too though, so I wouldn't expect them to spend more for quality food.
My dog was on a pretty decent food at his foster, so I didn't switch him. It was a Costco brand puppy food which rated well on Dogfoodadvisor, and he was doing good on it. I only switched him when he was 1 year old to an adult food.
I did, but only because the specific bag of food she was feeding was difficult to get here - I would have had to order it in. She owns a business and was able to bring it in, but after having issues herself getting it in she has now switched to a different brand. I kept him on the same protein, fish, but switched from Wellness to Acana. (She had given me a brand new bag when I picked him up, so I had some time to make the switch.)
I switched when my dog started showing an allergy to corn, wheat and soy. Now on sensitive skin and stomach food.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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