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When you get a puppy, you need to socialize it, yeah? But..

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When you first get a puppy, its probably your top priority to socialize it with dogs as fast as possible. A good idea would be to attend to this, uh, puppy-school, puppy party perhaps?

See, I'm thinking of getting a puppy. I'm experienced with training and raising however I just want to know what the real term is. Obviously "puppy party" or "puppy school" doesn't give any results in Google.

Mind you, I live in Sweden, so American links won't help, though I can always translate and possibly come up with the right term through that :D.

A last question - Is there any alternative to puppy-meetings? See, I'd imagine these meeting would cost a fortune (40$/ hour maybe?) so maybe theres a way for the not-so-rich. Does the puppy have to meet other puppies, or can it be just dogs? Theres a park where many dog owners walk their dogs, however the last thing I wanna do is take a risk with my puppy and possibly get it bitten :eek:
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Maybe search for puppy kindergarten. Also, dog parks might be okay as long as your puppy has all his/her shots or at least most of them. I'd be worried about germs and other health concerns over the biting. Just keep close to your puppy at the dog parks and be prepared to intervene if you think things get too nasty.
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