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When you get a puppy, you need to socialize it, yeah? But..

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When you first get a puppy, its probably your top priority to socialize it with dogs as fast as possible. A good idea would be to attend to this, uh, puppy-school, puppy party perhaps?

See, I'm thinking of getting a puppy. I'm experienced with training and raising however I just want to know what the real term is. Obviously "puppy party" or "puppy school" doesn't give any results in Google.

Mind you, I live in Sweden, so American links won't help, though I can always translate and possibly come up with the right term through that :D.

A last question - Is there any alternative to puppy-meetings? See, I'd imagine these meeting would cost a fortune (40$/ hour maybe?) so maybe theres a way for the not-so-rich. Does the puppy have to meet other puppies, or can it be just dogs? Theres a park where many dog owners walk their dogs, however the last thing I wanna do is take a risk with my puppy and possibly get it bitten :eek:
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I just let my puppy sniff/interact with the dogs, yeah? Get to play with them and so on.
At what age? 6 weeks? A month? 3 months?
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