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When to switch to adult formula food?

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Bailey will be 7 months old tomorrow--I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! I stopped by the doggie boutique the other day to pick up a bag of Orijen puppy and the shopkeeper recommended that I buy a small bag as he should be switched to adult food at around 8 months. I thought I'd heard that the switch should take place at around the year-old mark. I was at the vet the next day but conveniently forgot to ask her for her thoughts. What do you all think? Bailey is a 13 lb. Cavalier/Bichon mix.
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I've read that dogs should be switched to adult food once they have reached their adult height. I think it has something to do with the calcium content of the food, and I think that primarily effects large breed dogs but I'm not sure.. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable on the subject will be by shortly though.
the calcium to phosphorous ratio is different for puppies, lg breed puppies and adults. I would stick it out personally until year mark unless your pup is getting pudgy (puppy food has more protein and fat for more structure and energy as well)
on the flip side, you arent shortening her life span or doing her harm by switching at 8 months. Do make sure you do a slow transition from one formula to the other, taking at least a week even within the same brand.
with Thunder, i switched him from puppy food to adult food by the time he was about 1 yr old or so and he is doing well, i would check with your vet to make sure tho.
When my dogs were puppies I fed them the old formula of Canidae all life stages after they were about five months old. Worked out good until they changed the formula. Then I just went to an adult food. I think they were about 9 months old. They are small dogs and it was never a problem. They are a little over 2 now and never had any problems. David
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