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We got Hamilton at 8 weeks (he's 14 wks now) and started training him the weekend we got him. Now he knows sit, down, paw, touch, turn around, is working on rolling over, and rings a bell to go outside. We did not take him on walks outside of our yard until he got his final distemper shot (about 2 wks ago), and now we go to the park a bunch where he meets other dogs and people, and go to the pet store, and just wander the neighborhood (when he isn't being stubborn and refusing to walk). I signed him up for puppy classes which he starts in two weeks, and puppy socialization groups, which he starts next week. It's ok for them to hang out with other dogs you know are healthy and vaccinated before they finish their shots... I just couldn't convince any of my friends with dogs to come over ("he's too little! he'll get hurt." hmph)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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