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when to start training your puppy? and some more questions

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i was wondering when you should start tranining your puppy? also i will be brining the pup home when she is about 8-9 weeks old there is another dog in the house i will be going to and she will only have her first set of shots and was wonderig if it was ok to introduce them to each other or wait till she has had her 2nd set of shots? also there is a dog park in walking distance from our house and was wondering when it was ok to start taking her to solicize her to different dogs and people?
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Start training from day one :) Obviously she'll still be a baby both mentally and physically, so you can't expect instant potty training or anything, but you can start to teach her to pay attention to her name, etc.

If the other dog is fully vaccinated and is not visiting places like the dog park, I'd introduce them right off. I wouldn't bring a dog to a dog park until all 3 sets of shots, but you can start carrying her out to places to meet people at the regular park, around your neighborhood, at stores that allow dogs (like many camping/outdoor stores, hardware stores, farm stores etc).

And this is just my opinion, but I dislike dog parks as a means for socializing a puppy- there are too many poorly behaved dogs and you risk a scary or dangerous encounter that can really hurt the socializing process. Try socialize with friends' dogs that are well behaved and sign up for a puppy kindergarten class if one is available in your area.
ok i was thinking of signing her up for puppy class. i wont take her to the dog park untill she is older thanks for the advice i didnt even think of that.
We got Hamilton at 8 weeks (he's 14 wks now) and started training him the weekend we got him. Now he knows sit, down, paw, touch, turn around, is working on rolling over, and rings a bell to go outside. We did not take him on walks outside of our yard until he got his final distemper shot (about 2 wks ago), and now we go to the park a bunch where he meets other dogs and people, and go to the pet store, and just wander the neighborhood (when he isn't being stubborn and refusing to walk). I signed him up for puppy classes which he starts in two weeks, and puppy socialization groups, which he starts next week. It's ok for them to hang out with other dogs you know are healthy and vaccinated before they finish their shots... I just couldn't convince any of my friends with dogs to come over ("he's too little! he'll get hurt." hmph)
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