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I have two dogs currently, a 10 year old Shepherd/Husky named Shadow and a year old Lab named Daisy. We brought Daisy home when Shadow lost his best friend thinking he needed company, but he regards her as a nuisance mostly and ignores her. They spend the day together in a huge 3/4 acre fenced in area on our farm, and Daisy comes in at night, but the older dog HATES it inside, and stays out but I figure to each his own right?

So this fall we have arranged to bring another pup home, a friend for Daisy, and another dog closer in age so they can grow together, we even got from the same breeder, and they share a dad.

My Question is this: Obviously not the second I bring the pup home, but when would be all right to leave the pup with his friends IF they are getting along? I would never leave them alone if they didnt get along. I was thinking to make sure the pup had his second shots.

See we kept Daisy away from the other dog for a very long time, and it made thier transition a little harder, this new dog I want to be socialised.

Thank you for any comments, and please dont comment to say that these dogs do not belong outside. Daisy was inside for the better part of the winter when it was really cold (I live in Canada, the southern part but still gets cold) and she was MISERABLE. I love my dogs greatly and even the permenently outdoors one is up to date on shots, has plenty of time with humans and is treated like gold.

Thank you again I look forwards to hearing from you!!!
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