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When should our puppy get his shots ? Please Help

Hello everyone,
Last Sat 7/7/2012 we Brought home our new puppy max( Born 4/26/12) he is a Mini Schnauzer. Hes Very Cute and playful. Very smart dog within the first 2 days he learned to sit and we potty trained him to go in his play pin , since we cannot yet take him outside. We live in Brooklyn NY and there isnt much grass. We purchased him from a pet store in Queens . he was given several shots before the pet store got him. i know one of which was a dewormer . n i think a booster shot . I do not have the papers in front of me as the moment . Our vet said that his Rabie shots should be done at 12 Weeks ( others say not to do it until the 4th month ) Which is better for our little boy . What other shots would he need ? When can we start giving them to him ?

Also ,

Max cought a kennel cough. We took him to the vet and they gave max Few antibiotics for his Cough. How long does it usally last. First day or soo he seemed ill. he did not want to eat food nor was he interested in playing but now . Hes all over the place . Always running around . Hes eating 2times sometimes 3 times a day and potties after all his meals . Any suggestions what to look out for .
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