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When puppy doesn't respond to first time command

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Hello, I am new here and have a quick question. I do have Ava enrolled into Puppy classes but it's a little too late to call her and I am curious now. Ava is amazingly smart and in my home, she listens to every command including: come, stay, sit, leave it, okay/done, hold, fetch and more. I can tell she just loves to learn. Although, when she gets distracted, it takes a bit more.

If my 10 week old Puppy does not respond to my first command, ie: "Sit", when she usually does, what should I do? I know that you are not supposed to repeat yourself, but I am unsure on what to do than. I do not want her to get away with not listening but I do not want to have to say, "Come. Ava, come. Come. Ava, come.".

Some of the things I have tried:

I have tried letting her see and sniff the treat by putting in by her nose and than raising it above her head to get her to sit. If that doesn't work, I try to push a bit on her bum but that makes me feel like I am going back to first base. If she doesn't want to, she will just get right back up. Stubborn girl =P

If she is out back and I ask her to "Come" she normally will. The odd time, like if she can see the neighbor's Dog, she wont. I rattle the treat cup and if that doesn't work, I pretend to leave her by shutting the door. I have a door where I can stand on my tippy toes and watch her but she can not see me. This doesn't seem to work either! I don't want to run after her so she thinks it's a game so normally, I just wait it out.

What in the world did you do and what worked?
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Thank you all for your help! Like I mentioned before, Ava loves to learn and it seems like that is when she is happiest. She's defiantly not like the other Puppies my Family has had when I was little. I keep each session going for about 4 minutes and I try to act extremely excited when she complies. So, I am hoping that area is taken care of.

Well, there are defiantly some opposing views but all very helpful. I took her to the park today and tried some of the things mentioned but all and all, she is just tooo curious when she is outside. So, this raises the question: How old should Ava be before I 'strictly enforce' (Ie: Make sure she listens before we move on to play, walk ect. by luring or any other method)?

Thank you guys!
That's a good idea haha I'm not sure why I didn't think of that. Thanks!
Hey guys! I went out today and reviewed in my house, than backyard and than the Dog Park. Ava did great- until we got back into the backyard. I carried her from my Truck and than placed her in the yard without a leash to see if she would come, she didn't. She would look at me when I called her but when I asked her to come and acted all excited near the door, she just looked at me like I was crazy. I knew she would have came if I grabbed a treat but I didn't. I went back to her, put on a leash and guided her to the door.

In the park, she did awesome. I mixed it up. First I got her to sit, lie down and than I practiced "Leave It" by putting treats down near her. I mixed this up with Fetch and Stay/Okay, which was great. After, we started walking and once in a while I'd get her to look up at me by saying "Ava" and ONLY IF (like someone mentioned) she looked up I said "Focus" and if she did for a few seconds, I than did the clicking, treating and praising. I got her to sit a few times after focus without the hand sign too!

Sooo, all and all, Ava did soo much better today! I just needed to step back a minute and not rush her into everything. She loved it too (probably how ridiculously excited I was) and she ran all the way back and was just having a blast.

So, next plan of action is to play "Hide-and-Seek" to get her to come more often. Anyone have suggestions to take the aggressiveness out of the game? She tends to get over;y excited after just one go and starts biting, latching on to my clothing and growling ect.

Thanks guys!
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Great advice and thank you! Yeah, the other day when we were at the Off-leash Dog Park, I seen a Daycare lady and the children. I was thinking, "Hmm, not too sure I would like my child (when I have them) in that Daycare". Simply because small children are scared of big Dogs, naturally, and when small children are scared- they run. When a small child runs, it's a Dog's instinct to chase them.

When I taught Ava "Fetch" I taught her the word, "Leave it" and "Hold". I will try using these words. I took Tug-O-War out because she began playing Tug-O-War on the Poodle's neck in Puppy class. The toy is actually a great idea though. Keep her teeth off of my hands, pants and feet!

I will try another Toy and let you know how it goes. Thanks!
I read in Ceaser Millon's Book that aggressive Dogs should not play Tug so I stopped for now. Thank you for the advice though!
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