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When one thing happens, more seem to follow

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Well today now had thrown up and when i looked at it, it had worms in it. So, to the vet we went and she has round worms, so she is on meds, she got one dose today, and gets another in 2 weeks. So ok, all of the sudden tonight, she started the kind of heaving/cough then gag but nothing comes up when they get kennel cough. So now im like esh, first the worms and now the possability of kennel cough. I know if pretty much comes with the territory or shelter dogs but dang. I am hopeing it was just a one time thing and its not kennel cough. Gonns keep my ears peeled incase it does get worse. Poor girl is probley so sick of the vet, from just being there monday for a spay, today for worm meds. She got all her core shots on the 3rd. Poor girl is gonna end up hating vets if this keeps up which i am praying it doesnt and its just not kennel cough.

i just looked at her nose and it has a bit of a watery discharge.... looks like i may end up calling the vet tomorrow yet again... I know at one time i read let them go in the bathroom when you take a hot shower to breathe in the steam. May do that tomorrow to just kinda hel out just incase. when it rains it sure does pour.
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I believe ita panacur. We have dogs with worms before but never in their vomit so it was a little.. i cant think of the right word, not really gross but scarey i guess. She got 2.5 cc's yeterday and gets the 3 cc's in 2 weeks. I will def. be treating a few times. Is panacur something you can only by online? gonna have to look it up since it seems to be good to have and i see alot of people on here talk about it.

I just got off the phone with the vet, they are gonna get some antibiotics and cough meds ready for her and call me with a total since they just saw her... 2 days in a row. I feel so bad for her but i guess im glad we cought the kennel cough before it gets worse. I know sadly some shelters up here if the dog has it or puppy they wont treat it and the adoptee has to deal with it. The past 2 ogs we adopted( not including snow) one had parvo but didnt show signs till the next day, the other had kennel cough. So i def. know it comes with the adopting from a shelter territory lol. but dang never where its two things. I just cant wait for her to be all better. Poor vet probley feels abd cause on tuesday for her free vet check she seemed perfectly healthy then bam, all of this.

Yeah we are gonna cut up some ohtdog or something special for vet visits cause of this.
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