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when do you know that your dog is tired of walking?

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do they just stop walking or what?

i have this chihuahua mix, it seems that she can go on forever.
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My Donatello is 18lbs, and I have the same dilemma... I'm trying to wear him out... I'm trying to get him pooped; We live in an apartment and being he's a Manchester/Jack Russel Terrier mix he has some energy he needs to burn!

We can play for a couple hours at the Dog Park, then walk another mile, and he still won't show any signs of being tired... Until we get in the truck, then he literately plops down and goes to sleep on the way home. While we're walking he won't even break a sweat or stop for a rest... Like others have said, many dogs will keep on walking despite being tired.

My suggestion is: Walk your dog in small increments... Maybe a mile the first day, add on an extra half mile or an extra mile the next time. If your dog starts getting sluggish, or starts slowing down, then maybe you're pushing it and should stop...
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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