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When could your dog "hold it" for a work day?

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I know each dog is different so I'm looking for anecdotes. I'm having a really easy time with Brae but I just can't remember what the 'general rule' for adult dogs is. Soro seems to have had iron bowels since forever and he doesn't even seem like he urgently needs to go, even if he's alone for 12 hours during the day.

For Brae, he is almost 10 months old and holds it for about 5-6 hours during the work day. He's done 7 rarely. Overnight, he can easily hold it for 8-9, and I think he did 10 once without any trouble.

It's easy enough to continue this, as my partner works a staggered schedule from mine. And I am not in any rush for him to be able to hold it for an 8-10 hour work day. But eventually, I think 9 hours is the realistic number I am aiming for. Right now, he isn't asking to be let out (can't remember the last time he 'needed' to go). I think it's because we are keeping it easy for him and letting him out before it's urgent, which is my intention.

I'm just curious what others have experienced in terms of your dog's ability to hold it as it matured.
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Kiran isn't quite 8 months old.

Overnight? Well, last night he crashed early and slept late and didn't budge at all for 14 hours. He's done that once or twice before, depending on how busy the day was. Typical, he puts himself to bed and does 10-12 hours overnight.

Daytime is harder for me to be definitive about, because I don't pay that much attention. Every 3-4 hours, or something like it most days. Rainy days when he'd rather not, it's more like every 5-6. Had a funeral on Friday and he was crated 12 hours without incident, which surprised me. And I'm sure he could go longer, but not really a thing I care about since I don't need to.

That's about average for my dogs - like that is more or less the adult dog's schedule. Thud was a little slower than him getting there, Kylie a bit faster, but overall by about 9 months they've all been on pretty much that schedule.
Well that is insane that such young puppies could hold it that long!
Confined puppies can hold it a REALLY long time when they need to. Well, most, not all. Partially because most puppies also sleep a lot, I think.
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