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When could your dog "hold it" for a work day?

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I know each dog is different so I'm looking for anecdotes. I'm having a really easy time with Brae but I just can't remember what the 'general rule' for adult dogs is. Soro seems to have had iron bowels since forever and he doesn't even seem like he urgently needs to go, even if he's alone for 12 hours during the day.

For Brae, he is almost 10 months old and holds it for about 5-6 hours during the work day. He's done 7 rarely. Overnight, he can easily hold it for 8-9, and I think he did 10 once without any trouble.

It's easy enough to continue this, as my partner works a staggered schedule from mine. And I am not in any rush for him to be able to hold it for an 8-10 hour work day. But eventually, I think 9 hours is the realistic number I am aiming for. Right now, he isn't asking to be let out (can't remember the last time he 'needed' to go). I think it's because we are keeping it easy for him and letting him out before it's urgent, which is my intention.

I'm just curious what others have experienced in terms of your dog's ability to hold it as it matured.
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I am gone about 8.5-9 hours for the day. While not ideal, puppy and young fosters get crated for that time. Most of them are OK with it from around 12 weeks. I mean, i rush them outside before doing anything else as soon as I step foot into my house but I think the 5-6 dogs that have been here under age 6 or so months had fewer than a half dozen potty ooops all added together.

My hardest potty training one was a year+ cattle dog mix who had been a stray and then in the shelter for a few months with mange who peed once or twice a week in her crate.

I am for maximum 9 hours daytime and 12 hours overnight but wake up overnight if the dog asks or stirs a lot.
Are you saying your <6 mo fosters could hold it for 8-9 hours???

Mick was about 10 weeks when I got him, he stayed here about 3 weeks. I think he had one pee and one poop in the crate in that time. Cupcake was 4-5 months old and stayed I think about a month or 6 weeks here. Excluding after her spay, I think she had maybe 2-3 crate accidents. Cashmere was 6 months and stayed here about 3-4 months, I don't recall any crate accidents during a work day, maybe one total. Beau was about 11 weeks and stayed here 3 weeks or so and had zero crate accidents but did piddle at the door stop when I was opening it to get him outside at the end of the day.

Edit to add: I did not consider them fully housetrained at that point as it was clearly the slowing down effect of the crate. Each was crated with enough space to avoid touching an accident if it happened.
So do you expect them to be able to hold it at that age or do you just not mind crate accidents? Potty pad in part of the crate? And why this setup versus crate plus pen with pads?
I accept accidents for the fosters. Basically, I know it is not the best setup since I do not have a lunch break potty time for them or similar but it beats the shelter or worse. I do not have a good space for an expen and I do not want to set back training for future owners by using pads even if I had space. Don't trust expens to hold back lively pittie pups anyways.

So I have a full size crate suitable for a 50-60 lbs dog which gives good turn and move space for pups. If the pup does not chew, i use fleece blankets in the crate.

Overall, the result has been very minimal crate accidents and a few outside the crate excited accidents. I have rushed many times outside though by carrying a pup out the door.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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