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Aloha, we have a 14 week old American Bulldog. Kind of a rescue, but he's physically fine now. Po, came to me thru a friend who had a litter but the mother had worms bad. I think all the other pups died from worms. "Po" short for po mai ka'i, which is Hawaiian for "lucky", has been a handful.
We got him young, 7 weeks. Any longer he may have died as well. The worms were bad enough where we had to put off his Parvo shots and work on the worms first. So he's a bit behind on getting out and draining that excess energy.
We work at home. He comes in a night. He sleeps on a pillow next to me at night on the floor. Some days we have computer work and he will be inside half the day. He doesn't like rain and we get 200" a year so he begs to come in. And doesn't really like wet grass.
Recently we fenced the 10k square foot lot so he came run free. But Po will pretty much just scratch at the door to come in. I am unsure if we are spending too much time with him. At some point I need to have him outside while we do things inside. i,e, eat, shower, work at the computer. We have the chew toys kong , etc.... No shortage of love between the biting.
Biting....yeah it was alarmingly aggressive for a while. There were many times we just were looking at on another any say " what are we doing??? We are cat people!" BUt really we are push-overs for most any animal. And Po , even though we have scars up and down our arms is still very dear to us. I do not think we could part with him.

He kinda is a brat. He bites when he does not get his way. Scratches the door when you don't open it for him and let him in. Even with a fenced yard he just wants to come in and be around us. If he gets on the couch I try to get him off with positive methods like " come" instead of "off!" . When you grab his harness to help him off he will bite twist and turn,bite,fight. Jump back up , do it again. The situation can deteriorate from there. Snarling etc.... If you put him out to separate him from us and the couch he scratches the screen and barks constantly.

I try to burn his energy with play but he does not really play. He will bring back a ball 2 out of 10 times. We don't have any toys that stir aggression because of the biting. He likes beating up a coconut we call "Wilson" but I think he is getting too aggressive with it. Walking on a leash seems silly to him and us as he normally has free run of the yard. So he kinda gets irritated with being led around by a leash. Mostly chews it . On the couple short walks I have taken him on out of sanity, throwing caution to the wind, he does fine. Maybe a little too ready for adventure but well mannered.

He has learned quick. Pokes his head thru his harness everyday, ready to go.Sits, stays,high five, five down low, other paw, go and lays down when he knows you've really had enough. Rides in the back of the truck fine. Gets excited to go.
I am seeing that dogs can not exercise themselves.

His outside area has a cover breezeway that is attached to my woodworking shop that he is able to come and sleep in, dry. Clean water , food at regular intervals etc...

Funny I came here and started posting because I had to put him on a cable for he was scratching the door. The barking was insane but now...... I do not hear him. Ah, sanity. He really has the capacity to be an amazing animal. I think he is smarter than most and is really a handsome dog.
I have not had a puppy for 30 years and can not remember what they were like when I was a child. Next Parvo shot is in 12 days then he should be good to do more walks etc.... I am hoping life will be better . He has been exhausted from the couple walks I did take him and sleep much there after. They are always cute when they sleep, eh?

I thing the the last thing I would like to say and hope some one can comment, is his routine of getting right angry bratty in the evening. I walked him once to see if he would mellow like in the morning walk but that did not cool him off. He seems to want us to go to bed when he does. It's cute I suppose. We went along with it a few times. Lay down on the bed with the light out. But still he might jump up and bit your arm. You certainly can not pet him now and expect him not to chew on you. He really is all mouth.

Is he just being a puppy????

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Hello Hank thank-you for taking a moment to respond. I must say the ouch! and yelp just gets him going. And he will immediately bite again and sometimes much harder. I think he thinks it is play.
We walk away but he will follow usually nipping at legs and ankles. This seems playful. But I don't want it to continue.
When in time-out he just barks and seems to get more ramped up.
Not having any litter mates really set him back I think.
I have not experienced and desire from him to please. If anything training has only conditioned him to go thru a series of tricks to get a treat.
He does sit well. At every door before coming in. Stays pretty well. Sits before going out and when I get my slippahs on.

Even after evening walks he gets cranky. He seems to like both of us in bed when he lays down. Separation anxiety? We need to get him out of that.

He has cut back on the overall biting in the last few weeks. My wife has some pretty terrible punctures in her thighs where he would jump up and nip. I am more forceful in the "NO" so he doesn't do it to me like he did her. But she has gained some command since. He does like to try and be alpha with her though. He will follow her about and bite at her. It probably is just affection.

Interesting about the swimming. I did get him to get into a brackish pool the other day. It was interesting to watch his reactions. The first time he kinda came in a little, then I coaxed him in more with a treat. Then he had enough. Coming back through on the way home he didn't want to get in at all. It was raining at the time. The rain is not so bothersome to him when he is out on a walk because of all the other stimulation.

How would you approach getting him to stop scratching at doors and screens?
What are appropriate ages when dogs learn certain behavioral traits? I feel that he is ahead of the game but maybe there was too much disapline on our part in the beginning so we had slacked back a nit and tried just to let him be a pup. I don't want to be an over bearing dog owner.
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