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What's the upper safe limit for vitamin A?

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We starting using pumpkin with our girly's kong (after reading someone's suggestion for it here). Pumpkin is high in vitamin A and I wanted to make sure we don't give her too much. I read somewhere that too much liver can be bad for dogs because of the vitamin A. I don't think pumpkin has nearly as much though. Does anyone know what the safe upper limit of vitamin A is for dogs?
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I hate the way food labels are done though! The can of pumpkin doesn't tell me how many IU's of vitamin A are in it, just that the whole can is 300% of the recommended amount based on a 2000 calorie (human) diet. That's always so annoying! I don't have the time to look all that up and do the math. Based on that chart it appears that dogs need quite a bit of vitamin A so I'm just going to assume its ok to fill the kong with it a couple times a day.
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