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What's the best tool for getting dead hair out of a poodle's coat?

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Slicker or comb?

My poodle has fine cottony hair...
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It seems I had to do both to get all the clumps of hair out... just wondered which is more efficient. I find myself compelled to keep brushing her as her hair tends to twirl up very quickly and I can stand it when that happens! LOL!!

My dog is fully grown already, I find giving her flax/salmon oil helps reduce the matting, actually I can't find much matts on her now.... She was really dark brown(or apricot?? I can't firugre out the difference anyway!! I'm pretty sure she's not red...), but her colour has faded quite a bit... is there any way of keeping her colour dark??
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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