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Whats the best thing to do if your dog bites you

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If your obviously not mistreating your dog, but your own dog bites you,
what's the best thing to do?

My friend has a moody dog that bit his wife and another friend of his.

Should he put the dog to sleep, given that the dog is turning on members of the family? I know this is common practice in the rural South.

Please help.

In both cases, the dog was being pet when he attacked.
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Thanks guys,

Both times the bites happened, I was there.

One time, the friend was in the kitchen cooking when the dog (pitbull mix) showed up behind him, I guess looking for dropped food. Our friend turned around, bent over and started petting the dog under his chest and neck as he was talking to the dog. I did see the dogs mood change, he went from normal mood to angry eyes, but the time between then and the bite was only a second before he chomped down hard 2 times on his hand. Deep puncture wounds but worse than the cuts, the muscles where traumatized (like a very bad case of charlie horse) to the point he could not move his hand.

Second time with the wife was similar thing but in the living room. I wasnt there for that one but she told him to go somewhere else cause she was cleaning and went to pet him and chomp.

The dog is older, about 10-11 years old.
We do know that he has achy rear hips... however,
I will definately advise my friend to take the dog to the vet for the check up. Thanks guys.

Any further thoughts and opinions are definately appreciated.
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