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Whats the best thing to do if your dog bites you

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If your obviously not mistreating your dog, but your own dog bites you,
what's the best thing to do?

My friend has a moody dog that bit his wife and another friend of his.

Should he put the dog to sleep, given that the dog is turning on members of the family? I know this is common practice in the rural South.

Please help.

In both cases, the dog was being pet when he attacked.
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Being cranky, sore teeth whatever, is not a reason to growl at or bite your owner. There is a serious lack of respect.

Without more info its impossible to say too much. And with lots of work both the behavioral side and the medical side (if anything is wrong) can likely be resolved.

But lets be realistic. They have an 11 yr old dog with bad hips who has repeatedly seriously bit his owners at least twice. The future: lots of rehabilitation type training, probably a lot of vet bills, likely never complete trust, and a very limited life span.

If it was a friend of mine, I'd recommend he spend his money and energy on buying and training a new pup.
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