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Whats the best thing to do if your dog bites you

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If your obviously not mistreating your dog, but your own dog bites you,
what's the best thing to do?

My friend has a moody dog that bit his wife and another friend of his.

Should he put the dog to sleep, given that the dog is turning on members of the family? I know this is common practice in the rural South.

Please help.

In both cases, the dog was being pet when he attacked.
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Definitely cvonsult a vet. It may be a problem that is quite treatable.

My Rott began getting snappish when he got old. He had bad arthritis (which I already knew) and the vet determined that he was going deaf in one ear, and his eyesight was diminished. There isn't too much you can do for a dog who's condition will only further deteriorate in the future. None of us recover from old age.
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