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What would you do if you where in my shoes??

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Okay. I posted previously about my daughters fear of a certain breed of dog.

Well. The dog in question belongs to her grandmother. Its a pit bull. THe thing has no training. Has bitten my daughter 3 times, once on the hand, on the arm and in the face. I had told them to keep the dog crated when she is visiting. But my daughter just told me they have been letting it out of the crate. IT comes right for her and after her growling at her, so they send the dog to its crate. I guess her 'poppa' wants to get a shock collar for it. I think they dont realize that just may make it not like my daughter. Would it see her as a threat still?
The first bite to the hand mydaughter was reaching to take a phone from her grandmother. The second bite was to the face as her grandmother was sitting her down after picking her up out of the tub. The last bite again she was handing the phone to her grandmother. I personally want the dog put down. A dog should not bite for any reason at all. :mad:
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As a RESPONSIBLE Pit Bull owner here, they would have gotten a FIRM Piece of my mine, and I would NEVER allow my daughter to go back to that house. Obviously her grandparents can't even do a simple task to protect your daughter from THEIR dog, what other dangers are they putting your daughter in?

Has any of these bites sent your daughter to the hospital?

Personally NEVER allow your daughter to go back, and tell them why flat out. Tell them if they ever want to see their granddaughter again, that dog MUST GO. I will tell you right now, that you will be told you are overreacting, being childish, they even might say hurtful things to you but its your RESPONSIBILITY to keep your daughter safe, and looks like the grandparents house isn't safe at all.
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