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What treats do you use and why?

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Hello Everyone,

I am Tiffany and I am here (on this forum ) with my sweetheart Abby.

Abby is our 1 year old Rottie, New Finland mix.

Just curious what kind of "specialty treats" people are using with their dogs?

A friend of mine suggested that by putting raw eggs on top of my Abbygirl's food it would keep her coat shiny and make the food taste better for her.

Thanks for any and all feedback!

Tiff and Abby
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Welcome Tiffany and Abby :) Abby is a Rottie/ Newfoundland? She must be adorable. I hope you will post some pictures. My dogs are Rotties too and they have a friend named "Buddy" that is a Newfoundland. I use Natures Balance roll cut into small pieces for training. I also give a tsp. of wheat germ oil on their food and a few Tbsp of plain, low-fat yogurt. IT helps with gas and general digestion. Feed your dog a good quality food and brush their coat on occasion and you should have a very nice shiny coat.

This goes for Rottweiler mixes too. :d ;)
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