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What treats do you use and why?

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Hello Everyone,

I am Tiffany and I am here (on this forum ) with my sweetheart Abby.

Abby is our 1 year old Rottie, New Finland mix.

Just curious what kind of "specialty treats" people are using with their dogs?

A friend of mine suggested that by putting raw eggs on top of my Abbygirl's food it would keep her coat shiny and make the food taste better for her.

Thanks for any and all feedback!

Tiff and Abby
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My dogs get variety...the spice of life. They get avoderm bisciuts (good for skin and coat) fish jerky (also, skin and coat), different types of rawhide (for their teeth and for fun...and while rawhide is not for everydog, my dog loves it and only chews it whenever I am here oddly enough).

They also get raw treats. On grocery days, I buy sale meaty bones like pork ribs and game hens, etc.

Funny this came up, yesterday I hung out outside with my dogs and they were actually hot. It was a nice day finally. They got frozen fish fillets. They were raw. Crunchy and cold, it was a nice treat.

I made homemade chicken jerky after reading a thread on this site. They didnt look as nice as the ones in the store but the dogs loved them.

My dogs are spoiled. I brought home a box of Nutro's large breed adult biscuits and both dogs spit them out. After a day with no treats, they started eating them. I guess they realized this was it.

Working in a pet store, having a great love of my dogs, and having no will power, I bring something home 70% of the time so the dogs are always looking for a bag in my hands and what goodies are in it. I think the parrot is starting to catch on too because she gets goodies too.

So to sum it up, you name it, the dogs get it. I do usually try to stay away from "junk" treats though :)
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