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Toys for your dog

Playing with your dog is one of the most important things, this helps them to release energy, lead a healthy lifestyle, better understand their environment, develop new skills, and have a better behavior.

The game with other dogs is also indispensable, this will teach him to relate in a more healthy, sociable and less aggressive way.

Currently, there are different types of toys, from the classic ones like balls and ropes to the most interactive ones that will keep your dog's mind active and with the ability to develop new skills.

What toys are the best to play with my dog?

Toys to bite and/or fill with prizes: These toys are perfect for training, or simply to be entertained by biting (which they love).
  • Wheels Busy Buddy Ultra
  • Kong Classic & Kong Extreme
  • Squeaky Treat Bone

Toys to throw Your favorites forever! These toys will always make them run for a long time, and they will not get tired of going and once again for them.
  • Nerf Refozada Fabric
  • Disco Heliflight
  • Football Launcher
  • Soft Donate Indoor

Skill toys: These toys are interactive and help your dog develop their senses and abilities. Some, they have space to hide prizes, they will love them!
  • Infinity Wheel Game
  • Puppy Tires

Give him a lot of love and take advantage of those hours of play!
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