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What to use to clean surfaces around newborn pups

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My dog had her puppies yesterday.

Everyone is doing great. She is such a good mamma!

I have them and mamma in a puppy play pen to keep them in one place and keep our other dogs from getting too curious. She decided to welp in the pen. Mamma did a great job of keeping it clean and cleaning up behind the puppies and their placenta.

My issue now is that my entire house smells like birth.

How soon would it be okay to clean the pen and what would be a safe thing to use?

Just hot water? Is highly diluted blue Dawn okay or perhaps diluted unscented baby castile soap would be better?

I currently have puppy pads down in the pen

Thank you in advance.
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Diluted chlorox is commonly used. Let it dry before putting puppies back on it. You can also clean with vinegar and water and rinse after.
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