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What to name a pit bull pup

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My female blue pit bull puppy needs a name. She's very playful, affectionate, sweet, and a little feisty. She's already trying to take over the house lol. I don't want to name her anything too girly. I want a name that's different and kind of funny and/or clever. So far we're thinking about: Spunky, Punky, Ninja, Smurfette (because of the blue coat), and Reina (pronounced ray-nuh and means queen in Spanish). Any ideas? :D
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Oh Smurfette would be sooooo cute!!!! Some names I like:::

Maxine (Maxie)

GL :)
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I like Reina out of the names you're thinking of...what about Athena, Ceres, Maia, Venus or a greek/roman goddess name?
I like Smurfette too. It sounds cute. I also like Peaches, Rose, Cookie, Penny, MARGE :)
Vivian is nice too. I love names that sound sweet and friendly for all dogs. I especially like them for the breeds that people see as "dangerous, killer dogs"
i like Punky...but then again, i always liked the show "Punky Brewster".....just don't give her a name that makes her sound "tough"....

you could always go w/ Balue (a play on Blue, it was given to a Coonhound i knew)
I think anything is better then honey, bella, diva or ginger for the time being.

Go with what you think fits. Most all of mine have "different" names as I don't go the popular name route.

I have couple with Z names finally Zara and Zahava, these fit both of the dogs. I think a name has to "fit" the dog.
Yeah Bella is a really popular name around here...I didn't know that when I named my Belle :mad: If I did I would have chosen something else.
Oh yeah Belle too.

I know several named both.

I had a Pit named Bella. Then one from a litter I had was named Bella for call name and her cousin have the same name.

I always try to come up with different names. Sometimes it happens the same to me. I later realize wow how popular the name was and I didn't know it or it becomes popular after. People tell me some of my dogs have weird names, but I'd rather have that then common.
I prefer unique names too, but apparently am not great at picking them.

The rats mostly had unique names. Kahlua and Thirteen were probably the more unusual ones.

You have to find a name that suits her!
How about Skye? Like blue 'sky' but uniquely spelled.

But I'm partial to Pitunia.

More importantly make your second posts pictures in the picture forums! I love puppies.
How about Skye? Like blue 'sky' but uniquely spelled.

But I'm partial to Pitunia.
If something like that route how about

Cielo, Nevaeh, Himmel
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