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What to look for in a quality shampoo?

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There's countless threads being started all the time about quality food, but I haven't seen many about a quality dog shampoo.

So, what should you look for when picking out a shampoo? Is there anything specific to stay away from that may damage the dog's coat?
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honestly its hard to pick a good shampoo without giving it a try. some will say price can give you a good idea (crap is cheap) but then there are some that will just throw you for a loop like that earth bath garbage.

as an ex-groomer and owner of a highly sensitive dog here's my top 3:
Coat Handler shampoo and conditioner
Solid Gold Super Sens Gel
Blue Buffalo Oatmeal and tea tree
The most costier ones tend to be the better ones. But because every dog has a unique physiology, one shampoo might be good for some and not for others. I usually advocate using soft shampoos (oatmeal, aloe, or chammomile) with conditioners, its what I use and works just fine.
Rufflyspeaking as a great post on shampoos and grooming in general. She has a lot of good general guidelines for what to look for in a shampoo and conditioner.
there are some that will just throw you for a loop like that earth bath garbage.
Really? I have to say I just bought it when I couldn't find my usual brand, Buddy Wash & Buddy Rinse, and I was actually really happy with it. The conditioner especially was nice to use, it spread much easier and made his fur softer. The thing I miss about the Buddy brand is the smell, it lasted so much longer and when Taylor got wet again from rain/snow he didn't smell like wet dog and instead he was pleasantly lavender scented *smiles*. With Earth Bath brand it smells nice for a only few days after the bath and that's pretty much it.
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