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What to feed my puppy..

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I have a 9 week old Great Dane / German Shepherd mix. We got him from a Great Dane Rescue. The rescue said they were feeding him IAMS puppy, large breed, so thats what I bought. Now I've read on a different website that I should not be feeding him puppy food. Also I have noticed in the last day or so he has had diarrhea.
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IMO IAMS isn't the great food for dogs either. Anyhow their are foods you can look into such for a Large Breed such as Wellness, Eagle Pack Holistic, Orijen, EVO, Innova, Blue Wilderness etc

I think you should keep him on puppy food until he matures. I have handful of good sites for you to check into to
The Dog Food Project
Pet Food Additives to Avoid
What ingredients should I avoid in my pet's food?
Pet food ingredients, standards and requirements
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