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I would set up the appointment with the behaviorist. The good thing is that they are not trying to fight every chance they see each other. It seems to be fights that are somewhat reasonable.

First, let me give some reasoning here. Curie is brand new, put in a whole new situation with a person and a dog she doesn't know. Not only that, but an Australian Cattle Dog mix. Aussies are known to be very "sharp" dogs. Females also get the term "bitch" for a reason. Curie is a young dog of a breed that is known to be very driven, smart, and "won't take any crap". Now I'm not blaming anything on her but you need to keep in mind that Aussies are a lot of dog!

The first two fights were, in my opinion, completely your mistake. You let Kepler (awesome name btw) get into a, more or less, unknown dog's food bowl. Big no-no. She defended her food. Same in the second fight. She was defending what she thought was hers. So you were right in separating them. In fact, I personally probably wouldn't trust hem together with food or highly valued items.

The fight in the yard is hard to guess. Either Curie was playing with Kepler in a way he didn't like and he told her off which escalated, or she was bullying him, or some third thing. Either way, they don't seem like they completely hate one another but you certainly need to intervene.

1. Teach Curie and Kepler they shouldn't have to defend themselves. YOU are their protector and should be supervising them. If Kepler is bothering Curie, remove Kepler from the room. If Curie is bother Kepler, make a loud noise to interrupt them and remove Curie from the area and let them both calm down. It is your job to manage their time together.

2. Instill NILIF with both dogs now. http://www.dogforums.com/dog-training-forum/6856-nilif-nothing-life-free.html

3. Get a crate for Curie and start crate training.

4. Exercise both dogs more. The more exercise they get the less "ramped up" they will be from excess energy and the less energy they will have to cause a fight. Cattle dogs are incredibly athletic and need a lot of exercise! Especially one as young as Curie. Kepler too is a breed that is used to intense exercise.

5. Train both dogs more. Use clicker training. Teach them tricks. Sit, down, leave it, stay. These will help keep them settled and separated when you need them to be. Teach them useless pet tricks too. Touch, paw, spin, close the door, etc. The more you work their minds the more tired they will be.

6. Start hand feeding Curie. Instead of putting her food in the bowl do this. Put Kepler in another room so he doesn't bother her. Then, sit down with Curie's kibble in her bowl in your lap. Tell her to sit and feed her a kibble. Tell her to down and give her a kibble. Repeat until her dinner is done. Wake up early and do this in the morning too. You are teaching her that good things come from you, you are in control of her food, and she has to earn her food.

7. Always supervise their interactions. If you can't, separate them. The more they fight the more they realize they have to fight in order to get what they want. You need to intervene BEFORE they fight. Once you notice them getting a little too ramped up you need to intervene, separate, and wait till they both settle down.

I would start with these and meet the behaviorist and see what they say. Because they don't seem to be trying to kill each other and so far these fights have had some sort of reason behind them I think they can be ok living together.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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